Indoor arenas

Equihome arena: 70 x 30 metres
Arena west: 70 x 30 metres (equipped with a concrete floor, possibility to remove the sand covering)
Dreeling Sporthorses arena: 100 x 37 metres

Notable details regarding the arenas is that each arena is decorated differently.

Outdoor rings

Milestone Farm arena: 85 x 90 metres
Barnbridge sand arena: 85 x 55 metres
Small sand arena: 90 x 30 metres

Barnbridge grass arena: 120 x 60 metres
Small grass arena: 120 x 45 metres

The outdoor rings have a format suitable for international competitions. They are separated by a 25 metre wide earthen embankment. That makes the embankment very suitable for either tribunes or stands, for example.


On the adjoining paved area there is space for 600 competition stables.
The cosy restaurant is the heart of the complex. The restaurant has been constructed in such a way that there is a good view of all three arenas. An indoor terrace surrounds the restaurant.
The grounds consist of 250 hectares. There are ponds, hills and bridges in the grounds which make them ideal for driving and eventing.

Limburg equestrian entrepreneurs

Never before has such a large equestrian complex, in which so many entrepreneurs have placed their trust, been built in the Netherlands. This trust expressed itself in an investment which resulted in the plans becoming reality.

Equestrian Centre De Peelbergen has a magnetic effect on the equestrian sport in the South of the Netherlands, if not the whole of the Netherlands. The central location in Europe, together with the many well-known equestrian businesses in the region, offer a solid base for the equestrian complex.

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