Equestrian Centre De Peelbergen

De Peelbergen is an accommodation set up in accordance with the wishes of the equestrian world. We facilitate the desire to organise regional,
national and international competitions and cater for the daily training of horses and riders.


Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen organises CSI* + CSI2* + CSIYH1* competitions. Are you interested in participation? That is possible as rider, visitor or sponsor. We offer many possibilities to create amazing events together!

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Since November 2015 Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen has its own riding club. Membership entitles you to compete in all the Peelbergen Competition competitions that are held at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen. These competitions take place monthly. The final of the competition will take place at the end of the season and will be followed by an enjoyable evening for the members of de Peelbergen Riding Club.

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De Peelbergen Riding Club organises many equestrian events. One of these events is the de Peelbergen Competition. You are very welcome to take part in this exciting competition. To participate in the de Peelbergen Competition you must be a member of the De Peelbergen Riding Club.

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De Peelbergen facilitates official KNHS competitions for both jumping and dressage horses as well as for jumping and dressage ponies. The Royal Dutch Equestrian Sport Federation (KNHS) is the largest Dutch federation for equestrian sport.

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Every Wednesday De Peelbergen organises ‘training show’ jumping sessions. Riders, dressed in official competition outfit, have the possibility to jump various courses. Ideal for gaining more experience in the ring. As a result of each of the various halls being different, your horse has a different experience in each one.

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Practice makes perfect! You are able to come train your horse or pony at our professional venue. We have a different jumping course set up for you every week.

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