De Peelbergen Competition

For all members of de Peelbergen Riding Club we organise De Peelbergen Competition. So join quickly and take part!

Short regulations

  •  To participate in the Peelbergen Competition you must be a member of the Riding Club de Peelbergen.
  • Registration opens 2 weeks beforehand via (Monday)
  • Wednesdays before the competition you will receive an email containing a payment request.
    Click on the payment link and choose how you want to pay: IDEAL, Credit Card, Bank Contact or Sofort Banking.
  • The entry fee must be paid before the start of the competition.
  • NN horses will not be accepted
  • Every combination is allowed to ride maximum two times a day for the prices.
  • Via you can see exactly which classes will be held each day.
  • Withdrawl is possible up to 24 hours before the start of the competition day, by sending an e-mail to, after this time the entry fee remains payable to the organisation.
  • 24 hours before the start of the competition the starting order and times will be published and made available via
  • The classification will be drawn up with a prize scale of 1 to 5.
  • When we have less than 30 riders in a class we will ride the class in handicap with a class before or after.
  • Official competition outfit must be worn when competing.
  • When you are in the prizes, you go after the competition to the show-office.
    Here you enter your bank details and the prize money will be transferred by bank.
  • For entry fees and prize money see the table below.
  • Additional entries / extra starts on the day are only possible if the programme allows.
  • Pony’s can jump only out of competition (HC)
  • The Peelbergen regulations and the FEI regulations are applicable.

Prize money

1e 2e 3e 4e 5e Subsequent prize Entry fee
70/80 cm              €             13,50
0.90cm to 1.00m  €  100,00  €    75,00  €    40,00  €    25,00  €    20,00  €       15,00  €             17,50
1.05m to 1.40m  €  150,00  €  100,00  €    50,00  €    40,00  €    30,00  €       20,00  €             20,00

 Final ‘De Peelbergen Competition’ 2018

  • In order to be eligible for the final of De Peelbergen Competition the rider must qualify during one of the De Peelbergen Competition qualifier competitions. The 5 best riders from each class qualify for the final. The organisation reserves the right to allow competitors to compete at personal invitation in the final.
  • The classes are the following: 1.00m – 1.10m – 1.20m – 1.30m – 1.35m.
  • A rider may participate in the final of De Peelbergen Competition with no more than 6 horses, and no more than 2 horses per class.
  • If during one of the qualifiers a rider has already qualified with two horses in a particular class then the number 6 of that particular class will be invited to the final.
  • The final of De Peelbergen Competition will include a mounted prize-giving ceremony for the 5 best combinations in each class.
  • The final of De Peelbergen Competition will take place in the end of the indoor season 2018

Winners 2016                                                            Winners 2017     
Klasse B: Petra van Dijck                                           Klasse B: Frits Mestrom
Klasse L: Niels Kersten                                               Klasse L: Maxime Devos
Klasse M: Patrick Lemmen                                        Klasse M: Patrick Lemmen
Klasse Z/ZZ: Amber Feijen                                        Klasse Z/ZZ Wiljan Laarakkers