De Peelbergen Riding Club

To participate in the Peelbergen Competition you must be a member of our Riding Club.
Membership of de Peelbergen Riding Club costs €25.00 per year.
New members receive as a welcome gift a catering pass with €10.00 credit already on it.

Since November 2015 Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen has its own riding club. Application forms are available from the secretary’s office where you can complete and submit the form.

Are you already a member of the KNHS? In that case you only need to pay the membership fees for De Peelbergen Riding Club. You remain a member of your own riding club and still compete for your own riding club.

Membership of De Peelbergen Riding Club entitles you to compete in all the Peelbergen Competition competitions that are held at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen. These competitions take place weekly. The final of this competition will take place at the end of the season and will be followed by an enjoyable evening for all the members. By becoming a member of De Peelbergen Riding Club you accept the internal regulations as well as the Peelbergen regulations.

Download here the membership form 2017