• Riders on horseback must wear a helmet at all times
  • Lunging is only allowed in the designated slopes
  • Dogs are not allowed in the building and must be kept on a lead at all times outside.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building
  • It is forbidden to leave waste in the car park
  • It is not allowed to walk on the grass with your horse, use the asphalted paths for this
  • You are expected to clean up your horse’s manure in the warm-up arena yourself
  • Please do not let your horse bite the edges of the trays and fence
  • It is not allowed to park passenger cars without a trailer in the truck parking area
  • Please follow the parking instructions
  • As a non-founder, it is not allowed to park in the founder parking spaces. These are located at the front of the building and can be recognized by the signs
  • It is not allowed to consume your own food and drinks in the restaurant or on the terraces.
  • It is not possible to pay in cash. Payments must be made by means of debit cards (Maestro/credit card/debit).
  • When animal abuse is detected, the organization can deny those involved access to the center.
  • Entering the grounds of Peelbergen Equestrian Center is at your own risk. The organization explicitly excludes liability for the occurrence and consequences of accidents, as well as liability as a result of loss, theft or damage to goods involving participants, employees, visitors, horses or materials.
  • Press must report to the organization upon arrival
  • Photographers may only enter the arena during the award ceremonies and with the permission of Peelbergen Equestrian Center, unless otherwise agreed with the organization.
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