Training show

Practise makes perfect. So come and take part in our Training Show each Wednesday.
That way, you and your horse and pony are well-prepared for competitions.

Training show each Wednesday

  • Registration opens on the preceding Thursday at 19:00h via
  • Registration closes on Tuesday at 23:00h, but full is full.
  • The starting orders can be found on the evening before the Training Show.
  • Starting time is 14:30h and the classes are ridden in the order: 1.10 m – 1.20 m – 1.30 m – 1.35 m. At 18:00 we start with 70/80 cm – 0.95 cm – 1.05 m – 1.15 m
  • Riders must wear official competition outfit.
  • Maximum 2 riders in the ring.
  • No classification is drawn up and there is no prize money.
  • The entry fee is €12 and must be paid on the day itself.
  •  As we are committed to keeping to the schedule, extra entries on the day are only possible to a limited extent and if the class is full then they are not possible.
  • The Peelbergen regulations and the FEI regulations are applicable.