Training at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen

These rules have been drawn up in accordance with the corona measures of the Dutch government.

Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen is allowed to organise individual training sessions. Until further notice competitions & shows at national/international level, including the Peelbergen competition will not take place. In order for the training sessions to run smoothly, we would like your attention for the following rules.

Face masks

It is mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a face mask in public ( this includes our indoor accommodation). All employees of the Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen wear a face mask for your safety. We request you to follow the advice of the Dutch government. Face masks are for sale at the show office. 
*When riding you may remove you face mask.

Training sessions

  • The main entrance for all visitors is accessible from the truck/visitor car park.
  • A rider is allowed to bring ONLY NECESSARY persons. Namely their groom and/or trainer and/or truck driver
  • We urge everyone to leave Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen a.s.a.p. after they have finished their training session
  • At the moment we are not open to the general public
  • The courses during the training sessions will be build by certified course designers
  • It is requested to wear gloves when adjusting the jumps. Glove boxes are placed on the kick walls of the warming-up arena, Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen provides these plastic gloves free of charge.


  • Because of the rules in place we can only provide training sessions to members of our riding club. Read more about a membership here.

Restaurant and catering

  • Because of the rules in place our restaurant is closed. General COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands
  • Keep your distance from others – MINIMUM 1.5 metres
  • If you or someone with whom you live has breathing problems or a fever, you cannot use our facilities
  • Do not shake hands
  • Often wash your hands and cough and sneeze in your elbow

Of course, our standard house rules also apply

  • Riders on horseback must wear a helmet at all times
  • Lunging is only permitted in the designated lunge pens
  • It is not allowed to leave waste at the car park
  • It is not allowed to walk with your horse on the grass, use the asphalted paths for this
  • You are supposed to clean up your horse’s manure in the arenas yourself
  • Please do not let your horse bite on the kick walls and/or fences
  • If animal cruelty is observed, the organisation may deny those concerned access to Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen
  • Entering the grounds of the Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen is at your own risk. The organisation explicitly excludes liability for the occurrence and consequences of accidents, as well as liability as a result of loss, theft or damage to goods involving competitors, staff, visitors, horses or materials.